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Since I'm still rereading Hawkmoon Chronicles, I'm so in love with Hawkmoon/D'Averc all over again. I mean, Hawkmoon spends so much time with dear old Huillam - so much more more than with Yisselda. I mean, I do love Yisselda, but really, it feels as though Hawkmoon and D'Averc are just so much more established.

But oh, I'm so tempted to write Hawkmoon with that delectable Pahl Bewchard from Narleen! Such a shiny character.

But getting back to Hawkmoon and lovely Huillam (god I love this guy so so much), there was just this little bit about them picking out new clothes, and I just had to go GUH:

"Hawkmoon and D'Averc retired into the dressing rooms. Hawkmoon had a shirt of silk in a deep lavender shade, a jerkin of soft, light-coloured brushed leather, a scarf of purple and fine, flaring breeches that were also silk and matched his scarf, which he knotted around his neck. These breeches he tucked into boots of the same leather as the jerkin, which he left unbuttoned. He drew a wide leather belt about his waist and then clasped a cloak of deep blue over his shoulders.

D'Averc had taken for himself a scarlet shirt and matching britches, a jerkin of shining black leather and boots that were also of black leather and reached almost to his knees. Over this he drew a cloak of stiff silk, coloured deep purple."
(pp.475-476, The History of Runestaff, Gollancz, 2003)

My first thought as I read it? "GUH. They freaking match!" With all that scarlet and purple, oh dear. Gorgeousness!
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