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[ficlet] Northern Star // von Bek/Sedenko

Title: Northern Star.
Novel: Warhound and the World’s Pain
Rating: PG
Pairing: von Bek/Sedenko
Summary: Cold it is in Mittelmarch, and foreign is the sky.
Note: I wrote this somewhere around May 2004 and I revised it a couple of months back and I still like it. I like this pairing a lot, really. *g*
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters mentioned - Mike does - and I mean no offence or infringement.

Fire crackled, but that was the only thing it did against the cold winds of Mittelmarch. Sedenko and I have barely exchanged a syllable since we have stopped to camp. The young Muscovite did not look too happy; I regretted, once again, that he came with me in the first place.

His usual energy and cheekiness were forgotten as he frowned in front of the fire, trying to warm his long fingers and by the looks of it, he wasn’t succeeding.

I thought of Sabrina and our long nights together, and longed fiercely for the feel of her skin against mine.

Sedenko gave up on the fire and flopped down resignedly next to it, watching the deceitful heavens.

“Even the sky is different here. It is as if this place were cursed, Captain.”

“Well, Grigory Petrovitch, it's not like I've asked you to come with me.” I made myself comfortable next to him and looked up. “You know… you’re right, the sky is foreign, alien.” I looked for familiar constellations, but the stars were strange and hostile, like the Mittelmarch night.

Sedenko sat up and lent into me; perhaps for warmth, perhaps for comfort – I didn’t know and it didn’t matter.

Slowly, I wrapped my arms around the young man. He sighed contently, then glanced up again.

“Captain von Bek?”


“I found something familiar.” He pointed into the sky and I followed the general direction.

I didn’t see Sedenko smile, but I knew that he did.

“The Northern Star had always been solace to travelers,” I whispered, holding Sedenko closer. “Let it be ours as well.”

He turned in my arms and looked up at me with mischief glinting in his eyes. “I fear I already found my solace somewhere else.”
Tags: sedenko, von bek, von bek/sedenko
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