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Multiverse permits it.

...why should we deny ourselves?

Slash based on Eternal Champion
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So I gave up and made a slash community for Michael Moorcock's fiction. It was bound to happen. My favourite author and my general obsession in perfect unity. Why?

Well, why not?

Yeah, okay, even if we ignore the blatantly bisexual Jerry, there are so many possibilities, so many scenarios that could have happened, and do not forget that we are dealing with the wonder of Multiverse, so who says it couldn't have happened on one plane or another?

Here are the rules:

  • Any arguments as to whether this is sick or wrong or both will be dismissed and laughed at. Slashers never listen anyway, and if anything, the fact that it is wrong to someone will make them even more eager. (For which I sincerely hope.)

  • Flames, bitching and general asswipe attitude will not be tolerated. I mean that. If you join, play nice. It's all the better for everyone.

  • This community welcomes both male/male and female/female fanfiction, ideas, discussion and artwork based on and related to Michael Moorcock's fiction.

  • Please, and I mean please, put all work behind a cut. I can't stress this enough.

  • Please include a header with your work. Title, Rating, Novel, Pairing, Summary, Disclaimer and every possible warning at the very least. It's only common sense.

  • By joining you are certifying your maturity, appropriate legal age to read/view explicit materials and your understanding of what slash involves.

I do not have any idea about Michael Moorcock's stance on fanfiction, be it general or slash writing, but rest assured that this community and its members mean no offence or infringement of copyright. This is just fun and respect for Michael's work will always be present.

For general Eternal Champion & Michael Moorcock discussion, please visit moorcock.

Questions? Direct them to cerulean_eyes AT livejournal.com
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